Friday, March 14, 2008

Tree Octopus and Critical Need for Media Literacy

AfterEd at Teachers College recently posted this video. I discovered it the day after we had discussed the tree octopus website in class. If you know that site, or if you're interested in what we must do and can do to educate our students, you may be interested in this video.


dorand said...

Thanks for the information. I was already planning to use the site to teach responsible researching at the beginning of the year.
This gives me a little extra.

Anonymous said...

A great resource for beginning teachers that are interested in technology and how to teach it.

Concerned Educator said...

Wow, Louann! You shared important information that is so important! I think the NCLB Act does not add value, but instead has taken this country backwards.

Thank you,

keshet said...

This video is very powerful. As a former Educational Technology teacher, I was forced out by the need to teach directly to the test. My state has no academic model standards for computer ed, so I was out, unless I wanted to teach as a specials.
What can we do to make our supervisors, superintendents, principals, etc, understand that kids need to learn to deconstruct URL's, to find primary sources, and learn what is real and what is fiction on the internet.
Don't forget about cyber safety as well. That is a big danger that kids face today as well