Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blogging in Schools

I just came across the National Writing Project's blog site. Here are links to blogs created by teachers and students for classroom use. I haven't yet explored all the links, but I intend to because I think doing so might help me better understand the value people find in blogging. This continues to be a question in our class, and I think it's an important one to explore.


Kevin H said...

I am one of those National Writing Project teachers who is also experimenting with blogging. (I teach sixth grade). What I have found is that "audience" and "connectiveness" are the key terms to how weblogs can help young writers. The audience for their thoughts and expressions grows considerable and their ability to reach out and interact with others suddenly opens up new doors. They are writing not for me, the teacher, but for themselves and others.
Just some thoughts ..
Kevin H.
Western Massachusetts Writing Project

nbosch said...

I agree with Kevin but have added two other goals to our class blogging experience--teaching safe and responsible social networking and re-enforcing copyright "dos" and "don'ts". So far so good. Kevin I'm trying to reach you because some of my bloggers are in 6th.